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    School Strengths & Priorities


    This results in almost all children making expected progress and the large majority of children making rapid progress

    At the end of the Spring term 96% made expected progress or above and 80% made rapid progress.

    66% of children were working within age related expectations, compared to 3% on entry.

    25% were working below age related compared to 69% on entry; and 5% working well below, compared to 28% on entry.

    Every child takes part in Forest School each fortnight where they develop self-regulation; self-confidence; co-operation; communication; problem-solving skills; and an understanding of and respect for nature and the environment.

    Staff know their key group very well and children are regularly assessed so that Special Educational Needs & Disabilities are identified as early as possible. Parents are involved at the earliest opportunity, so that they are fully involved in decisions and support can be put into place.

    This results in almost all children with SEND making expected progress and the large majority of children making accelerated progress.


    Priorities for School Improvement 2017-18                 

    Leadership & management

    Teaching, learning and assessment

    Personal development, behaviour and welfare

    Outcomes for pupils


    Rights Respecting School Award




    Progress against previous inspection action points

    Ofsted Inspection 3-4 year olds12/9/14: Improve the quality of teaching by ensuring that key workers: use assessment information more rigorously when planning tasks, particularly for the more able and the oldest children in the school & provide more opportunities for mark-marking during outdoor play. Improve leadership and management by providing more opportunities for key workers to be involved in: tracking the progress of children in their groups & planning so that they can use their skills and expertise in developing the quality of provision within the school:


    Ofsted inspection 2-3 year olds 29/1/15: Enhance children's learning experiences and provide further opportunities for children to use their imagination, for example, by providing more access to role play and dressing-up resources; Build on the range of information gained from parents about children's starting points from the outset, to further support children's learning and development: