At Goodway Nursery School we have been supporting children and families in our local community since 1939. During this time we have taught generations of families, as well as welcoming new families each year.

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    Children's Comments

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    We asked the children what they would like to tell us about nursery

    "I love it; We have rights; We are kind; We all have kind hands"

    We asked the children what they like doing best at nursery

    "Playing outside; Playing inside; Playing with the water; Playing on the field; Playing with the bricks; Fish tank; Stories; Eating fruit; Singing; Drawing pictures; Climbing on the climbing frame; Making playdough; Eating lunch; Playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’; Building; Painting"

    We asked the children what they have learnt about at nursery

    "Reading Owl Babies; Counting; Drawing; Painting; Coconuts; Playing; Tidying up; Tasting fruit; Dancing; Singing our rhymes; Black history; Good sitting; Good listening; Sharing toys"

    We asked the children what they think about their teachers at nursery

    "My teacher is my best friend; I love them; They’re kind; I like them; They give us food; They give us cuddles when we are sad; They listen; I can play with them; They help me do a drink; They look after us"

    We asked the children what they do if they are hurt at nursery

    “Tell a teacher; Have a cuddle; Tell a grown up, they help you”

    We asked the children what they do if someone is unkind to them at nursery

    "Say ‘Stop, you’re not respecting me’; Tell a teacher; Tell them 'Kind hands’"

    We asked the children if they feel safe at nursery

    "Yes; We have the register"