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    Punctuality & Absence

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    Please arrive and collect your child on time and bring your child every day.

    Routine gives children a sense of predictability, stability and comfort and establishes good habits and contributes to good behaviour. We expect 95% attendance 

    Regular attendance builds in young children the idea that getting up and going to nursery school is simply what you do. Children who attend every planned session develop a feel for the rhythm of the week and gain a sense of security from regular elements.

    Young children find it easier to build and sustain a range of social relationships when they regularly attend nursery school. Children who rarely miss sessions and come on time are more likely to feel good about themselves because they know what goes on and what to expect, feel more confident with the adults and the other children and have more opportunities to be valued and praised for their own special contribution.

    Staff carefully plan every session for each child and want to take every opportunity to help them thrive. Experiences gained in one session are often developed further in the next session, whether or not this is the next day. Underachievement is often linked to lower attendance.

    If you are going to be late, or your child is not going to be in for any reason, please let us know by ringing 0121 464 3078.