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    Article 19: Governments must do all they can to ensure that children are protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and mistreatment by their parents or anyone else who looks after them.

    At Goodway Nursery School, our Designated Safeguarding Leads are:

    Sally Davies, Lucy Collins, Alicia Corpe, Helen Cox , Inez James & Debbie Coates. 

    Our nominated Governors  for Safeguarding and Child Protection is: Shabnam

    At Goodway Nursery School the safety and well being of children is of the highest importance to us. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the well being of all children, and expect our staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

    We aim to support the development of children’s confidence, resilience, security and ability to explore and learn and provide an environment in which they feel respected, safe, secure, and valued. We teach children about keeping themselves safe using the NSPCC toolkit the Underwear Rule and support parents with keeping children safe on line.

    Staff are well trained in the need to safeguard children and of their responsibilities to identify and report possible cases of abuse and have effective working relationships with other agencies involved in safeguarding children. The Head Teacher is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and there are four Deputy DSLs. All staff employed by the nursery school have enhanced criminal records checks.

    All concerns are logged using a secure on line monitoring system called My Concern. Concerns are discussed at weekly staff meetings. When the school has concerns about a child, the Designated Safeguarding Lead will decide what steps should be taken.

    We use Right Help, Right Time to help us make professional judgements about when and how to support children and families. We offer Early Help, which means taking action to support a child, young person or their family early in the life of a problem, as soon as it emerges. We will access support from other agencies as soon as a problem emerges to ensure the child gets the right response, and the right services, from the right people at the right time. Our aim is to meet need early and avoid a problem escalating or the need increasing.

    We uphold the principles and values outlined in The Prevent Strategy for combating extremism and our staff are trained in the forms that extremist behaviours may take. Systems are in place to address concerns regarding extremism, FGM, sexual exploitation of children and child trafficking as well as other forms of abuse. 

    Please let us know if you have any concerns about your child’s safety or welfare, and let us know if your child has had an accident or hurt themselves at home.  If you have any concerns about a child’s safety, please let the Designated Safeguarding Lead know immediately.

    If you have any concerns that a child  is being harmed or is at risk of harm or if you receive a disclosure you must contact senior staff immediately.

    We ask you to avoid using mobile phones in the Nursery School grounds. We believe that the drop off and collection of young children should be a special time that focuses on the children.

    Safeguarding Documentation

    Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy 23 24

    Keeping Children Safe in Education 23 24


    Designated Safeguarding Lead Certificates:

    Designated Safeguarding Lead Certificate Sally

    Designated Safeguarding Lead Certificate Alicia

    Designated Safeguarding Lead Certificate Lucy

    Designated Safeguarding Lead Certificate Debbie

    Designated Safeguarding Lead Certificate Inez

    Designated Safeguarding Lead Certificate Helen


    Safeguarding Training Certificates 2022-2024:

    Goodway Nursery School Annual Refresher Safeguarding Certificate 23-24

    Safer Recruitment Training Certificate Lucy

    Safer Recruitment Training Certificate Sue


    Specific Safeguarding Issues Awareness Training Certificates:

    Prevent Certificate

    Fabricated & Induced Illness Certificate

    The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children Certificate

    Modern Slavery Awareness Certificate

    FGM and Breast Ironing Awareness Certificate

    Handling Disclosures Certificate

    Working With Resistant Families Training Certificate

    Operation Encompass Certificate Sally

    Operation Encompass Certificate Alicia


    Paediatric First Aid Certificates:

    Paediatric First Aid Certificate Helen

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Iram

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Georgina

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Jess

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Courtney

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Sarah B

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Debbie C

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Debbie G

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Inez

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Alicia

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Hana

    Paediactric First Aid Certificate Zarina

    First Aid at Work Certificate Inez


    Useful Links For Families:

    NSPCC The Underwear Rule
    Click on the following link to access NSPCC The Underwear Rule

    Educate Against Hate – Protecting Children from Radicalisation & Extremism
    Click on the following link to access Educate Against Hate – Protecting Children from Radicalisation & Extremism

    You can also contact CASS, Children's Advice and Support Service, on 0121 303 1888. The Children's Advice and Support Service (CASS) provides a single point of contact for professionals and members of the public who want to seek support or raise concerns about a child.

    Opening hours:
    Monday to Thursday: 8:45am to 5:15pm
    Friday: 8:45am to 4:15pm
    Telephone: 0121 303 1888

    Emergency out-of-hours:
    Telephone: 0121 675 4806