At Goodway Nursery School we have been supporting children and families in our local community since 1939. During this time we have taught generations of families, as well as welcoming new families each year.

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    We regularly observe and assess children’s learning which enables us to plan appropriate learning activities that stretch childrens learning and ensure progress.  Each child has an on-line Tapestry Learning Journey which is a record of their progress, and includes observations and photographs of the child playing and learning. Parents and carers are given a log in and are invited to contribute to their child’s Learning Journey with things they have been doing at home. This helps us to get a better understanding of your child’s learning and development and to plan activities to support and extend it.

    We assess children using the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters. Parents and carers are invited to termly Parents’ Consultation Meetings to talk about their child’s progress with their Key Person and also have opportunities to talk to their child's Key Person each day. We work inpartnership with our families and together we set targets for development. 

    Curriculum Intent with Information on Assessment